ESC 115 Physical Geology

UD students at Arches National Park, Summer, 2011

Physical Geology Notes by Dale H. Easley
Test dates and link to material:
The Story of the Earth in landscape and portrait pdf format.
Review questions are at the end of the pdf file.

Course Overview

Course Materials Introductory Resources
Syllabus Transformation, Not Information
The Worldview of the Lion King
Laboratory syllabus addendum Other essays
Weekly in-class laboratories YouTube Video of Simon Sinek on millenials
YouTube Video of Sir Ken Robinson on education
YouTube Video of Daniel Pink on motivation
Extra Credit Opportunities Video on happiness
Marry a geologist
My Philosophy on Teaching Former UD student on changing your mindset

Material for Test 1

Where are we? 
Chapters Links
—> Intro Video 1
—> Intro Video 2
Overview of Geology
—> Video
Developing confidence
A Snapshot in Time
Seeing links
Video on rock cycle
The Talent Code
YouTube Video on thinking differently
Paris Ervin video
The Geology of Iowa
—> Video
DNR Web site: Geology of Iowa
Driftless Area
Canada's glaciers
Earth Materials
—> Video
Felsic and Mafic material
Geologic Time
—> Video
Antibiotic video
Science and Religion
Before Test 1

Material for Test 2

Where would we like to travel? 
Chapters Links
Plate Tectonics
—> Video
Click on #5 Birth of a Theory
Video on Mt St Helens
Summary video
Louisiana Geology
—> Video
Geology and Jazz Presentation
Igneous Environments
—> Video
Video on igneous rocks
The Seafloor and Continental Margins
—> Video
USGS site on ocean floor and plate tectonics
Mountains, Basins, and Continents
—> Mountains Video 1
—> Mountains Video 2
—> Everest Video 1
—> Everest Video 2
—> Everest Video 3
Click on #7 in the Earth Revealed Series

Material for Test 3

What are the hazards if we move?  
Chapters Links
Risk and Earthquakes
—> Video
Lessons from a failed overpass plus [here.]
Earthquakes in the Mississippi River Valley
Natural Disasters
Volcanoes and Volcanic Hazards
—> Video
1985 Colombian mudslide
If Yellowstone erupts...
USGS Web Site: Living with Volcanoes
Shorelines, Glaciers, and Changing Sea Level
—> Shorelines Video 1
—> Shorelines Video 2
Hurricane Katrina
Rivers and Streams
—> Video
Video: Fatal Flood
USGS Floods of the 20th century
Major rivers

Material for Test 4

How should we live?  
Chapters Links
—> Video
Water Resources
—> Video
Ghost Map video
Energy Resources
—> Video
Lake Peigneur video
Coal story
Global Warming
Climate, Weather, and Their Influences on Geology
—> Climate Video 1
—> Climate Video 2
Bill Nye video explaining climate change
Bill Gates on Energy
Photo evidence of climate change
Weathering and Soils
—> Video
Pigs of Haiti