The Story of the Earth

Academic Writings

To save my students money, for years I provided them with pdf files of needed labs for my introductory geology course. Then I wrote my own book, The Story of the Earth, to go with the course

Through many years, I've also written or co-authored a number of academic articles, starting in 1988 with Evaluation of Overflow Probabilities in Runoff-Detention Basin Design in Stochastic Hydrology and Hydraulics. For the weird person who actually cares, you can see the my vita.

Creative Non-Fiction

After my mother died in 2015, I found myself rethinking what I wanted to focus on for the next few years. I began working with a writing coach on creative non-fiction. The weekly meetings with him were often like therapy sessions, and the writings initially took me back to childhood. A couple of my favorites:
  • Easley, Dale H. 2018. The Courage to Be Tender. Blueline, no. 39, pp. 77-82.
  • Easley, Dale H. 2018. Growing Up. Proceedings of the Wendt Conference on Character and Place, Dubuque IA, March 1-2.
I also wrote a poem about a friend's job loss, Lopping Them Off in Folded Word. And I gave a number of presentations on using storytelling in science.