ESC 115 Geology Lab: The left column contains pdf files of the handouts we'll need each week.
Assignments Supporting Links
Week 1: Brochure for Dubuque Mines of Spain
Week 2: Minerals Mineral graphic
click on the Mineral video
Minerals with metallic luster
Mineral identification key
Mineral identification key
Minerals A-Z
Week 3: Geologic Time On the Move: The Ocean, Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
Geologic time scale
USGS geologic time site
Geologic time---popular format
Week 4: Rocks Rock guide
Useful igneous rock website
Sedimentary rock ID guide
Metamorphic rock ID guide
Week 5: Topographic Maps
—> Video
Dubuque South Topo Map
Topozone home page
USGS symbols for topographic maps
Color landform maps for individual states
National Atlas
Topo map profiles
Week 6: Writing and Review On nature writing
Keeping a nature journal
Journaling in the natural world
Week 7: Review Guide for Lab Midterm
—> mineral photos
—> igneous rock photos
—> sedimentary rock photos
—> metamorphic rock photos
Midterm Lab Review Materials 
Week 8: Earthquakes Simulated-earthquake website
Earthquake photos
How Earthquakes Work
PBS: The Restless Planet
Week 9: Glaciers
—> Video
Iowa's glacial trail
Louisiana land loss video
Grinnell Glacier picture
Video on glaciers of Yosemite
Video on Glacier National Park
Video evidence of ice loss
Week 10: Streams and Floods
—> Video 1
—> Video 2
Drainage basin and patterns
USGS surface water links
Week 11: Groundwater
—> Video 1
—> Video 2
Groundwater information
Week 12: Unit Conversions
—> Video
Online conversion
Week 13: Alternate Assignment Density calculations
Week 14: Review Guide for Lab Final
—> Video
 Lab Final review materials