Advanced Quantitative Methods

EVS 430 Advanced Quantitative Methods

I took this picture while a geology faculty member at the University of New Orleans. I happened to be standing behind a kid who had a helium balloon and was able to get a shot where it and a hot-air balloon were the same size in my photo frame.

Baton Rouge Balloon Festival

Course Guide: Book
Test dates: Feb 10, Mar 10, Apr 7, and Apr 26.
Lab site
Presentation Topics: Rubric
Topics and dates
Life after Death by Powerpoint
Writing Assignments: Rubric
Guidelines on Essay Writing
Assignment: Book Review, due one week before class ends. Review
Assignment: Review of Public Meeting, due by the last day of class.
First Day
Intro to the Course
Data Types
Sampling Problems
Before we start:
PreTest data
Example article
Titanic data
Section 1:
Fire-Ant Opening Talk
Treatments and Controls
Samples and Populations
Modelling Data
Exercises and data
Article on thinking about statistics
Article on visualizing data
Section 2:
Hypothesis Testing
Statistical Tests
Statistical Tests continued
Nonparametric Statistical Tests
Exercises and data
Worked example: Powerplant data
Worked example: Invertebrates at sewage outflow

Non-normal data
t and F test practice
Excel functions for T and Probability
Data for box-and-whiskers plots
Section 3:
Correlation and Regression
F test for regression fit
Covariance matrices
Project management
Chi-Squared tests
Exercises and data
Video on using Excel for p-value for correlation.
Data for Correlation with pH
Example Species-Diversity Data
Data for Regression
Chi-squared examples
Spurious correlations
How juries are fooled by statistics
Section 4:
Background for article
Article for discussion
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Classification schemes
Intro to GTD
Exercises and data
ANOVA example with insulation
Two-Way ANOVA example problem
Making models
Iris data
Free-throw data