EVS Advanced Quantitative Methods Lab: The left column contains pdf files that we'll need each week.
Assignments Supporting Links
Lab 1: Getting up to speed on Excel
Excel file of weight
Loading the data analysis toolpak
Lab 2: Looking for patterns Weather data set
Using pivot tables
Excel chart types
Lab 3 FireAnts.pdf jpg of Fire Ant Map
Lab 4: FireAntsPart2.pdf Excel file of Fire Ant observations
Lab 5: NaCl instructions NaCl data
Lab 6:Fireant Treatment Results TreatmentResults.xlsx
Lab 7: River Pools
Lab 8: Old Faithful Old Faithful data
Lab 9: Hackberry data Using Excel for Chi-squared tests
Lab 10: Soil remediation problem Soil remediation data set
Lab: 11 Barataria sediment samples Barataria data set
Lab 12: Frequency analysis Milankovitch cycles
Ice-core data
Lab 13: Contamination problem

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