Meeting Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is introduce you to local organizations involved with environmental issues. You are to attend a meeting of an environmental or government organization which is concerned with an environmental issue relevant to Iowa or the Tri-State Area. Your goal is to critique the organization and its meeting. To achieve this goal, you should include in your paper the following elements:
  1. Objective of the Organization: Clearly define the goals of the organization. What was its reason for being established? What kind of people does it recruit? What is it attempting to accomplish?
  2. Objective of the Meeting: Why was the particular meeting to which you went held? What was supposed to be accomplished? What specific issues were to be considered?
  3. Critique of the Meeting: How well did the objectives of the organization match those of the meeting? How well were the objectives of the meeting met? What data were presented to support the ideas of the presenter? What contributed most to the meeting? What interfered most with attaining the objectives of the meeting? Your paper should be organized as an essay, a standard five-paragraph format which we will discuss in class. Each paragraph should include at least five sentences. Typing is required. Attach a cover sheet with the title, your name, and the date.