Advanced Quantitative Methods

EVS 430 Advanced Quantitative Methods

I took this picture while a geology faculty member at the University of New Orleans. I happened to be standing behind a kid who had a helium balloon and was able to get a shot where it and a hot-air balloon were the same size in my photo frame.

Baton Rouge Balloon Festival

Course Guide: Book
Presentation Topics: Rubric
Topics and dates
Writing Assignments: Rubric
Guidelines on Essay Writing
Assignment: Book Review, due one week before class ends. Review
Assignment: Review of Public Meeting, due by the last day of class.
First Day
Intro to the Course
Statistics Assignments:
Related data for statistics
Section 1:
Fire-Ant Opening Talk
Sampling Problems
Data Types
Treatments and Controls
Samples and Populations
Modelling Data
Assignments and Data sets
First Assignment: FireAnts.pdf and jpg of Fire Ant Map
FireAntsPart2.pdf and Excel file of Fire Ant observations
NaCl instructions and NaCl data
Section 2:
Hypothesis Testing 1
Statistical Tests
Statistical Tests continued
Nonparametric Statistical Tests
Assignments and Data sets
Random.pdf and HistogramsofDistributions.xlsx
Worked example 4.1:Powerplant data
Worked example 4.3:Invertebrate at sewage outflow
Fireant Treatment Result Assignment and TreatmentResults.xlsx
Non-normal data
t and F test practice
Excel functions for T and Probability
See Fig. 2.10: Data for box-and-whiskers plots
Section 3:
Correlation and Regression
F test for regression fit
Covariance matrices
Project management
Chi-Squared tests
Assignments and Data sets
Video on using Excel for p-value for correlation.
Data for Correlation with pH
Example 5.1 Data
Data for Regression
River Pools opening assignment
Chi-squared examples
Old Faithful assignment and data
Hackberry data
Section 4:
Background for article
Article for discussion
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Classification schemes
Intro to GTD
Assignments and Data sets
Soil remediation problem and data set
Barataria sediment samples and data set
ANOVA example 7.1 problem
ANOVA example 7.5 problem
Frequency analysis and ice-core data
Making models Contamination problem