BIO/EVS/CHEM 495 Senior Seminar

BIO/EVS/CHEM 495 Senior Seminar

  • Syllabus
  • Schedule
  • Student presentation topics
  • First-day presentation

  • Assignments

    By the last Friday of class, you need to complete and upload to Moodle the following:
  • Cover letter:  A formal letter or a copy of the contact email you're sent.
  • Resume/Vita: Upload your presentation.
  • Presentation: As chosen above.
  • Mock Interview preparation: A few sentences of what you're done in advance to prepare. Consider this interview question: [here]
  • Mock Interview reflection:  A brief commentary on how it went.  If you used "Big Interview," include evidence, such as a screenshot, that you completed it.  Instructions on Big Interview are below, If don't complete a traditional mock interview, you must complete Big Interview.
  • Ethics Essay: Write an essay of at least five paragraphs, five sentences per paragraph (rubric here) reflecting upon any insights you've gained through readings and presentations in Senior Seminar.  In particular, consider The Double Helix and its presentation of a flawed leader in science.

  • Instructions for Big Interview

  • Go to the website
  • Use the code Spartans2020 when requested.
  • If you bump into issues, let us know.  Also check out the folder on Moodle at§ion=3