Environmental Career Links

Are you considering changing your career? Perhaps a career in the environmental field is for you. Opportunities in the environmental field are strongly driven by environmental regulation and enforcement, much of which is done at the state level. There can be considerable differences between states, so you may want first to figure out where you would like to work. Then find out about the opportunities there.

The following information may help you explore careers in the environmental field. If you find new sites that you particularly like or have questions I can help with, please email me at deasley@uno.edu.


Books: For $17.95, you can get The Complete Guide to Environmental Careers in the 21st Century from Island Press, ISBN 1-55963-586-X. Check their web site at http://www.islandpress.org.

Education at UD: Courses related to the environment offered at UD include ground water, water resources, environmental geology, ecology, tosicology and many others. The entire UD course catalog is on the web through the UD webpage: http://www.dbq.edu/academics/catalog.cfm.

Correspondence Courses: The best known of the environmental education programs offered without actually being present on a college campus is the IRIS program from Wright State. Check out their web site at http://iris.wright.edu.
Summer field courses, similar to traditional geology field camps, are also available. Again, checking the web is a good place to start.