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My casual blog is now at http://daleeasley.blogspot.com/

Most Recent Essays

Screaming Purses: A reflecton on a friend's inspiring life.
Confinements: An assignment from my writing coach was to visit BrevityMag.com, pick a story, and imitate it. I chose this one.

Growing Up: Part of an ongoing attempt, now at three sections, that relates some of the stories of my childhood

Science and Teaching

Be sure to see teacher resources here
In Praise of Randomness
Storytelling in Science
Global Warming
The Importance of Reading
Old essays

Humor and Poetry

Impractical Worship: Try reading it both down the columsn and across.
Significant Goodness
Tomb of the Unknown Cubs Fan
Sam's Heritage
Sam's Facebook Page
To Scale My Life
Morning Snack
Diamonds are a Guy's Best Friend


Olive Kitteridge: my experience in a book-reading group.
An Unhealthy Loop: on repeating behavior that keeps making us unhappy.
Walking My Dog: the highpoint of many days.
Last Session (Therapy 5): the last essay in a series about my experience of IFS therapy.
Simmering Pot (Therapy 4)
The Explorer (Therapy 3)
Angry, Lonely Children (Therapy 2)
Dick Cheney Lives! (Therapy 1)
Growing Up Ignorant: my response to an important book.
Mom's Continuing Battle with Cancer:an attempt to apply some of my training to a very personal problem.

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